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Dr MB’s Fisetin Extract

Our 10:1 Extract capsules give us 450mg of pure Fisetin

Fisetin: A Senolytic Antioxidant for Healthy Ageing & More

Additionally, fisetin acts as an antioxidant, increasing GSH and maintaining mitochondrial function in the presence of oxidative stress. Moreover, it exhibits anti-inflammatory activity against microglial cells and inhibits the activity of 5-lipoxygenase. These findings signify that fisetin contributes to a reduction in the age-related decline in brain function.

What Is Fisetin?

Fisetin, an antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, apples, and cucumbers, has garnered significant attention for its senolytic properties. Senolytics belong to a class of small molecules that actively induce the death of senescent (or deteriorating) cells and stimulate the growth of new cells, thereby enhancing human health and lifespan.

Research published in Frontiers in Chemistry highlights the potential of this flavonoid as an anti-inflammatory, chemopreventive, chemotherapeutic, and senotherapeutic agent.

It’s getting a lot of attention because of its senolytic properties. A senolytic is a class of small molecules that are able to induce death of senescent (or deteriorating) cells and promote growth of new cells increasing the life of human health.


When taken along with our other Anti-ageing supplements like Long-Life, NR, Spermidine, Apigenin, Resveratrol, Fucoidan, Sulforaphane and others you can see a lot of Autography Activation and almost reversal of age.

1. Works as an Antioxidant

Research shows that fisetin has the ability to scavenge free radicals that have significant biological effects. These oxygen radicals can damage lipids, amino acids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids.

When we don’t consume enough antioxidant foods, there’s an imbalance of oxygen species that can inhibit the body’s ability to defend itself.

2. Has Senolytic Activity

Research published in The Lancet found that fisetin is a flavonoid with potent senolytic activity in both mice and human tissues. This means that the antioxidant works to prevent the replication of damaged DNA, potentially playing a role in aging and age-related diseases.

When researchers tested 10 flavonoids — including resveratrol, rutin, luteolin, curcumin and fisetin — they found that fisetin was the most potent senolytic.

3. Holds Anti-Cancer Properties

Data suggests that fisetin possesses antiproliferative properties against several cancers, which means that it may inhibit tumor cell growth. Researchers believe that it has potential value in cancer prevention and treatment, as it may reduce angiogenesis (the growth of new blood vessels) and suppress tumor growth.

4. Reduces Inflammation

If you’re looking to increase your consumption of anti-inflammatory foods, start reaching for those strawberries. Fisetin has proved to possess strong anti-inflammatory effects in cell culture and in animal models relevant to human diseases, according to research published in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology.

5. Promotes Healthy Aging

Because fisetin is a senotherapeutic, it may extend your health and life span. Research indicates that it promotes healthy aging by reducing oxidative stress and increasing glutathione levels, a major intracellular antioxidant.

It also reduces the production of pro-inflammatory molecules and activate key neurotrophic factor signaling pathways that support growth, survival and healthy aging.

6. Boosts Heart Health

Research shows that fisetin may help promote cardiovascular health in a number of ways.

One analysis reports that the antioxidant can induce cardiac regeneration by activating genes involved in cell proliferation. Researchers believe that it may protect from ischemic damage following a heart attack.

There’s some evidence that fisetin may help prevent stroke as well. An animal study found that fisetin, quercetin and aspirin showed significant prolongation of clotting time and thrombin time.

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