Dr MB’s Ca-AKG


“The possibility of reversing the process of ageing and living a healthy life past 100 is a desirable goal, and Ca-AKG and our Longevity and Regenerative Health supplements holds the key.”

Ageing starts at a cellular level and now we all are aware that AKG level is declining between the age of 40-80.

AKG is not available in the human diet but Exercise and fasting can promote an increase in the production of AKG.

However, direct supplementation is a more effective and feasible route to restore AKG levels.

Science supports calcium AKG as a natural option to increase living organisms’ lifespans.

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Dr MB’s Ca-AKG

Each capsule of Dr MB’s Ca-AKG Provides:

  • Calcium Alpha Ketoglutarate 500mg (21% calcium)
  • Aquamin TG (a highly bioavailable source of minerals rich in calcium) 150mg*
  • Magnesium Stearate 10mg

AKG is a chemical produced naturally in the body up until the age of about 30, but then drastically reduces. Taking a Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate (Ca-AKG) supplement can help to increase both lifespan and health span (keeping you healthier as you age). Research on Ageing has shown that Ca-AKG can increase the health of later years in life by 40%, mainly by reducing over 30 signs of age-related frailty.

Did you know your biological age may not match your chronological age? For example, if you were born 40 years ago your chronological age is 40. Your biological age, however, depends on many factors, including genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, diseases and other conditions.  You can visit www.biological-age.com to check how the above factors may be influencing your biological age or even better get a biological-age test done to see the ageing of your genes, the link is https://www.lifeextensioneurope.co.uk/epiage-epigenetic-age-test-eu-uk 

We have also included Aquamin, which is a unique multi-mineral complex derived from 100% red marine algae (mature form harvester), providing bio-active calcium, magnesium and 72 other trace minerals. This works alongside AKG to support ageing metabolism.

Our Ca – AKG is anhydrous as opposed to monohydrate. This is because monohydrate has a water molecule and anhydrous doesn’t. This means that as well as anhydrous being the preferred nutrition grade as it is more soluble (your body can absorb it more effectively), it contains more of the active compounds.

  • Delaying age-related disease
  • Reversing age-related frailty
  • Revitalising cellular energy to restore vitality
  • Maintaining DNA structure that may have been damaged by inflammation
  • Improving and maintaining bone strength and structure
  • Reducing protein breakdown
  • Providing energy for cells
  • Helping in the production of collagen
  • Improving the absorption of iron
  • Supporting the immune system, helping to identify and fight pathogens.
  • Significantly increasing circulating levels of insulin
  • Maintaining a healthy digestive system.
  • Supporting kidney function.
  • Improve athletic performance and improve recovery when taken alongside L-Citrulline.