Dr MB’s Helichrysum Oil


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Dr MB’s Helichrysum Oil

Our oil is 100% pure Therapeutic grade oil.

Helichrysum Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

  1. Break up Coagulated Blood beneath the skin Surface.
  2. Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial Skin Helper
  3. Acne Treatment
  4. Anti-Candida
  5. Anti-Inflammatory that Helps Boost Heart Health
  6. Natural Digestive and Diuretic
  7. Potential Natural Cancer Protector
  8. Antiviral that Increases Immunity
  9. Natural Hemorrhoid Soother
  10. Kidney Stone Reliever

Applying helichrysum topically can break up coagulated blood beneath the skin’s surface. Helichrysum also can help improve the condition of blood vessels by lowering inflammation, increasing smooth muscle function and lowering high blood pressure. You can also use Helichrysum essential oil  to improve circulation and decrease pain and swelling.