A New Chapter in Your Health Journey

We appreciate your continued trust in Dr. MB’s supplements and natural medicine. Your commitment to health inspires us.

Today, we are thrilled to share a significant development that will enhance your experience with Dr. MB’s and bring your health journey to new heights.

Throughout our partnership, our commitment to providing you with valuable insights and guidance on your path to wellness has been unwavering. Our complimentary advice sessions were a testament to that dedication. However, over time, we noticed a challenge – a gap between the valuable advice we provided and its implementation.

We understand that your health is of paramount importance, and your success in achieving optimal well-being is our success. To address this challenge and better serve you, we are introducing a transformative change in our consultation policy, effective September 2023. As part of this change, we will no longer offer free advice sessions.

Instead, we are proud to launch an exclusive consultation program tailored specifically for our loyal clients who trust Dr. MB’s supplements and natural medicine. Each consultation session will be available for an upfront payment of £100.00

Why the shift?                           We believe in the power of commitment.

By introducing this fee, we aim to ensure that those seeking our advice are genuinely dedicated to realising their health and wellness goals with the support of our supplements and natural remedies.

This change is about focusing our efforts on clients who share our dedication to vibrant health, allowing us to provide more personalised, impactful guidance tailored to your unique needs.

The Exciting Part:  Our commitment to your health and well-being has never been stronger. This new program is designed to provide you with unparalleled value, insights, and support. When you invest in our consultation services, you’re investing in a partnership entirely dedicated to your health journey. We are not just offering advice; we’re offering a pathway to your wellness aspirations.

To schedule your consultation or ask questions, reach out to our team at

We’re excited about this step and look forward to enhancing your health journey with you.

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