Dr MB’s Optimised B-Complex Bioactive – 60 Tablets


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Dr MB’s Optimised B-Complex

This is one of the kind available in the UK

Many of us are aware of the importance and benefits of using a Vitamin B Complex supplement, however not many are aware of the different forms of B vitamins.

Not all vitamin supplements are equal, what is important is both an effective dose, high enough to not just stop symptoms of deficiency but to provide a plentiful supply for all cellular activities within the body, in a readily absorbed and utilised form.

Many forms of vitamins have to be processed by the body into a bio active form in order for the vitamin to be accessible to the cells.

In some people, due to intestinal issues such as crohns, a genetic disorder or just poor health & diet, this conversion either does not take place or is very inefficient.

We have taken great care and years of studies to come up with our exclusive formula of Vitamin B especially for those that need it the most but can’t get what their body need from that which is sold in the market.

Our Bioactive B-Complex has just to mention a few:

  • Coenzyme folate – L5MTHF

  • Coenzyme B6 – P5P

  • Coenzyme Riboflavin – R5P

  • Vitamin B12 as Methylcobalamin


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