Dr MB’s MEGA L-Glutamine 1500mg – 56 Capsules


This specially formulated

Dr MB’s L-Glutamine

is the most potent & quick absorbing Plant Based form of Essential Amino Acid.

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The Ultimate Powerhouse for Muscle and Joint Health

Unlock the true potential of your body with Dr. MB’s L-GLUTAMINE, a revolutionary preparation featuring a 100% pharmaceutical-grade, micronized Plant Based Glutamine-Amino Acid. Prepare to be amazed as we delve into the astounding benefits this remarkable compound offers.

Glutamine, the muscle tissue’s superhero, takes center stage in our formula. With its ability to store organic nitrogen and promote a positive nitrogen balance, it plays a vital role in muscle adaptation. As the primary distributor of amino groups for transamination, Glutamine becomes the driving force behind the synthesis of muscle proteins.

Did you know that Glutamine constitutes over 60% of free Amino Acids in muscle cells and more than 20% of all amino acids in the body? Yes, you read that right! Its importance cannot be overstated.

Now, brace yourself for the game-changer. Our PLANT BASED Micronized L-Glutamine surpasses all expectations. This unique form boasts exceptional absorption capabilities, making it significantly more potent than traditional glutamine and glutamine peptides.

Traditionally, L-Glutamine is available in two forms. The regular free form requires consumption with food for optimal absorption. However, our Plant Derived L-Glutamine breaks free from these restrictions. Digestion becomes a breeze, allowing you to take Dr. MB’s Glutamine on an empty stomach.

Prepare for a paradigm shift in muscle strength and non-fat mass. Our Plant Based Micronized Glutamine not only increases these factors but also holds the key to metabolic transformation. By metabolizing into glutathione, it elevates levels of this essential substance by up to 40%. Glutathione, acting as a powerful antioxidant, stabilizes cell membranes and inhibits the release of catabolic enzymes. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in the Glutamyl gamma cycle, facilitating protein synthesis and promoting a positive nitrogen balance.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Glutamine supercharges cell hydration, replenishes muscular glycogen reserves, and boosts anabolic growth hormone levels while simultaneously lowering the level of catabolic cortisol. Witness the accelerated reduction of adipose tissue and bid farewell to fatigue as Dr. MB’s Glutamine reduces acidification in muscle cells. Prepare your body for exceptional resistance and vitality.

Experience the transformative power of Dr. MB’s L-GLUTAMINE, the ultimate ally in muscle and joint health. Unleash your true potential today.


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