Dr MB’s MEGA L-Glutamine 1500mg – 56 Capsules


This specially formulated Dr MB’s L-Glutamine is the most potent and quick absorbing Plant Based form of Essential Amino Acid.

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Dr MB’s   L-GLUTAMINE   is a preparation that contains a 100% pharmaceutical grade, micronised form Plant Based Glutamine-Amino Acid, found in high concentrations in muscle and joints.

Glutamine is the most important amino acid for muscle tissue adaptation. It stores organic nitrogen and promotes the formation of a positive nitrogen balance. It distributes amino groups for transamination and ultimately synthesises muscle proteins.

Glutamine represents more than 60% of free Amino Acids in muscle cells and over 20% of all amino acids in the body. 

PLANT BASED Micronised L-Glutamine is a form that is more easily absorbed and much more active than any other traditional glutamine and glutamine peptide.

There are two forms of L-Glutamine.

You can get regular L-Glutamine in what’s called its free form, and it should be taken with food ideally for proper absorption by the body.

The other type is Pland Derived form of L-Glutamine which basically means you’re going to digest it much better. Unlike free-form Glutamine, you can take Dr MB’s Glutamine on an empty stomach.

Plant based Micronised Glutamine increases the increase in muscle strength and non-fat mass.  

It is metabolised to glutathione and increases the level of this substance by up to 40%; Glutathione – as an antioxidant – stabilises cell membranes and inhibits the release of catabolic enzymes, while – as an amino acid transporter in the Glutamyl gamma cycle – facilitates protein synthesis and promotes the formation of a positive nitrogen balance.

Glutamine increases cell hydration, muscular glycogen reserves and anabolic growth hormone levels while lowering the level of catabolic cortisol. 

It speeds up the reduction of adipose tissue. Relieves the symptoms of fatigue – reducing the level of acidification of muscle cells. It supports the body in shaping proper resistance.


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