Dr MB’s GHR Complex


Dr MB’s GHR Complex

Growth Hormone Releaser Complex is made up of carefully selected 7 nutrients mixed in a scientific ratio, that is the fastest in activating the natural release of Growth Hormones in our body.

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Growth Hormones gradually decline after the age of 30 and that is the reason that slowly our body begins to age and cells begin to get damaged and organs start getting tired. We have formulated this science based and clinically tested combination of Natural nutrients that kick start the production of our own growth hormones and thereby slow the process of ageing.

When taken in combination of our Autography activating supplements the anti-ageing process accelerates.

What is GHR?

GHR or Growth Hormone Releasers are made up of nutrients and Amino Acids that promote strong support to ageing men and women. There are various beneficial ingredients that are utilised to promote natural support. GHR Complex formulas contain components that are derived from high-quality sources through safe practices.

Many of these natural ingredients can be found in a host of abundant food sources. However, supplementation is another effective way to receive GHR’s in a convenient way.

Looking for the ultimate GHR product to support your Health? Get out GHR Complex.

Benefits of our GHR Complex

We have placed a huge premium on Health. We’ve crafted a scientifically-engineered GHR Complex with a strong host of ingredients.

Our formula is stacked with Vitamins and Amino Acids that are valuable for daily support. It contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, as well as Ornithine, Glycine and Lysine all in the right proportion to get maximum benefits.

It’s also Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and contains no Artificial Flavor, Artificial Sweetener, or Preservatives. Two Quick-Release capsules per serving make it convenient to receive advanced support.