Dr MB’s Artemisia Annua Extract 400mg – 60 capsules


Dr MB’s Artemisia Annua

30:1 Extract giving 12,000 mg of natural powder.

Artemisia is a miracle Herb 100% Natural Non GMO

We call it a Miracle Herb because of the Clinical Trials conducted gave results that has surprised the medical world. . . .

Kill 98% Of All Cancer Cells In Less Than 24 Hours

A new study has shown that a derivative of the Artemisin, turns deadly in the presence of iron. Breast cancer cells have high levels of iron. When Artemisin senses these higher than usual levels of iron, it destroys the cancer cells with little damage to the surrounding healthy cells. This results in an herbal killing machine that killed 98% of the breast cancer cells present within 16 hours!

Although this study is in its first phase in a lab with petri dishes, Artemisin capsules are “widely and successfully” used to fight malaria for the same reason, the parasite responsible for malaria uptakes a large amount of iron, just like the breast cancer cells. Artemisin zeros in on the iron and destroys the parasite.

Artemisin is known to be one of the best herbs for killing a number of parasites, and it is anti-microbial and anti-fungal, making Artemisin a great addition for people who need to heal their gut.


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