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Argiforce Ultra is the ultimate purest free form giving                  L- Arginine 1500mg per capsule.

A must have for an active & optimal lifestyle.

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Arginine, or L-arginine as it is called with its L-structure, is a semi-essential amino acid. Arginine is involved in many metabolic processes and important in the treatment of heart diseases and high blood pressure.

Arginine improves the circulation, strengthens the immune system and has a positive influence on male libido.

Research suggests that the amino acid accelerates the rate of the healing of wounds, improves the burning of excess fat and can be used in weight-reducing diets. Its role in decreasing cholesterol levels can be ascribed to its function as biological precursor of nitric oxide (NO).

Potency can be increased through arginine

Besides the various chemical drugs, potency and sexual performance can be positively influenced by particular amino acids. This can mainly be applied to the amino acids arginine and ornithine.

In 1998, the Nobel Prize for Medicine was given for specific research concerning nitric oxide and its conversion from arginine. The amino acid L-arginine improves the circulation and oxygen supply of the coronary and peripheral vessels through the release of nitric oxide. When people take arginine, the nitric oxide level in the blood increases. Nitric oxide relaxes the walls of the blood vessels and thereby improves the circulation in the whole body, including the erectile tissue in the penis. Furthermore, arginine increases the nitric oxide level, which makes the arteries more elastic. This effect can lower blood pressure and improve the ability to have an erection. In addition, nutrients and oxygen is able to reach the organs quicker through the blood which on the whole has a positive effect on male potency, stamina and sexual performance.

Free of side-effects

Arginine’s ability to improve erections has been long since known. But the advantages of amino acids are so far only able to take pride of place when discussing the most well-known sexual enhancer pills. Ultimately arginine works in a similar way to synthetic pills, the difference being that it is cheaper and free from side effects. The difference between arginine and other potency pills is that arginine does not have an immediate effect and instead works over time. This is another reason why it is not dangerous to take arginine.

Other functions of arginine

Arginine helps to reduce insulin resistance and increases glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetes mellitus. Besides other measures which are important for diabetics, such as a healthy diet and weight control, arginine can help to minimize insulin requirements.

Ammonia is a cellular toxin created from the building of protein. If there is too much ammonia in the body, for example because the liver isn’t working properly, ammonia can reach the brain and interfere with important functions. In some cases, insomnia can be the result of ammonia levels being too high. Simply put, taking supplements containing amino acids such as arginine, ornithine and glutamine can promote sleep, as they detoxify ammonia as part of the urea cycle.

Collagen is a protein which is a fundamental component of various connective tissues (such as cartilage) and bone. Arginine supports the production of collagen and is therefore an important contributor to bone growth. In turn, arginine supports the growth of the osteoblasts which form the bone mass. A study from 2002 has proven that an arginine deficiency, especially in older women, can be the cause of the emergence of osteoporosis.

L-arginine is used for heart and blood vessel conditions including congestive heart failure (CHF), chest pain, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease. L-arginine is also used for recurrent pain in the legs due to blocked arteries (intermittent claudication), decreased mental capacity in the elderly (senile dementia), erectile dysfunction (ED), and male infertility.

Some people use L-arginine for preventing the common cold, improving kidney function after a kidney transplant, high blood pressure during pregnancy (pre-eclampsia), improving athletic performance, boosting the immune system, and preventing inflammation of the digestive tract in premature infants.

L-arginine is converted in the body into a chemical called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow. L-arginine also stimulates the release of growth hormone, insulin, and other substances in the body.