Dr MB’s Strontium Citrate


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Dr MB’s Strontium Citrate

Each capsule of our Strontium Citrate gives 750mg

Strontium, a mineral present in seawater and soil, not only supports bone tissue density but also plays a crucial role in promoting healthy bone ageing. For years, Europe has been prescribing Strontium as a means to achieve optimal bone health. What makes Strontium even more fascinating is its close metabolic relationship with calcium, as it shares molecular similarities with this essential mineral. With its affinity for the skeletal system, Strontium effectively concentrates and aids in maintaining optimal bone density, making it an invaluable component for strong and healthy bones.

Developing research suggests it can boost the formation of collagen and cartilage in joints.

  • Scientific studies have shown that Strontium may have positive effects on bone diseases like osteoporosis, bone cancer, prostate cancer, tooth sensitivity and tooth decay.
  • Strontium has indeed been safely and effectively used with relatively few adverse effects for periods of up to 10 years. We have even seen that strontium is a potential treatment for failed conventional treatment with bisphosphonates, as well as for other types of people and health concerns.
  • Research in humans suggests that 600–1,700 mg of strontium, taken as a supplement in the form of strontium salts, may increase bone mass in the vertebrae of people with osteoporosis.

Strontium Caps is part of a daily nutrient regimen for individuals needing especially comprehensive bone health support.

Strontium Benefits

  • Supports bone tissue density
  • Promotes healthy bone ageing
  • Designed for individuals in need of advanced bone health support
  • Research shows that using strontium chloride with strontium acetate in toothpaste relieves pain in sensitive teeth. Brushing twice daily seems to work best.


Strontium is eliminated by the kidneys and can build up in people with poor kidney function. Use strontium supplements with caution if you have kidney disease. Strontium should not be used if kidney disease is advanced.

There is concern that strontium might be more likely to cause blot clots in people with blood clotting disorders or those at high risk of blood clotting. It’s best not to use strontium if you have a clotting disorder.