Dr MB’s Cranberry Extract 30,000mg


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Dr MB’s Cranberry Extract

50:1 Extract Equivalant 30,000 mg per Capsules

Cranberries: Benefits and Nutrition Facts

The disease-fighting antioxidants found in cranberries outrank many other fruits and vegetables, including strawberries, spinach, broccoli and red grapes.

Top Benefits of Cranberries

The top six cranberry benefits are:

  1. Prevents and Treats Urinary Tract Infections – One of the most well-known cranberry benefits is its ability to act as a home remedy for urinary tract infections (UTIs). UTIs are significantly more common in women than men due to the location of the urethra. They can affect any part of the urinary tract but occur most often in the bladder.
  2. Decreases Inflammation – Inflammation is at the root of many chronic conditions, including heart disease, autoimmune disease, cancer, diabetes and more. Fortunately, anti-inflammatory foods like cranberries can help naturally combat inflammation thanks to their rich content of antioxidants.
  3. Help Prevent Cancers – Research shows that cranberries contain cancer-fighting substances that may be helpful in preventing the growth of breast, colon, lung and prostate cancer cells. In fact, human studies show that cranberries can help slow tumour progression and block the growth of cancer cells.
  4. Improves Immune Function – According to some studies, cranberry extract can improve multiple aspects of immune function and may even lower the frequency of cold and flu symptoms.
  5. Benefits the Digestive Tract – Cranberries are believed to have cleansing, anti-diarrheal, anti-septic and detoxifying diuretic properties. They help the body eliminate toxins and buildup, plus aid in relieving water retention and bloating.
  6. Reduces Risk of Heart Disease – Studies show that adding cranberries to your diet could come with a number of benefits to heart health due to their ability to block blood clotting, reduce blood pressure and decrease inflammation.

Cranberry Nutrition

Indeed, cranberries are a nutritional marvel.

Remarkably, they harbor an array of phytonutrients while being low in calories, sugar, fat, and sodium.

Furthermore, these phytonutrients bestow antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties.

Moreover, in addition to an abundance of vitamins and minerals, cranberries boast elevated levels of phytonutrients.

Some of the most powerful phytonutrients and antioxidants in cranberries include:

  • Anthocyanins — This class of antioxidants found in cranberries has the ability to destroy free radicals in the body and in medical studies has shown benefits at promoting weight loss, lowering cholesterol and fighting breast cancer.
  • Quercetin — Possibly the most powerful phytonutrient in this fruit, quercetin is anti-inflammatory and has been proven effective in reducing allergies, improving joint pain and reducing inflammation of the arterial walls.
  • Benzoic Acid — Has powerful antiseptic properties and is the main compound in cranberries that reduces the risk of infection and can kill bad bacteria to naturally treat UTI, bladder infections and even acne.
  • Epicatechins — Are a class of phytonutrients also found in green tea and red wine. They have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.


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