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Our Inositol is a 1000mg Mega Capsules

Inositol’s primary function is to keep fats collecting from the body particularly in the liver. Inositol is efficient in converting nutrients into energy.

Highest levels of Inositol concentrations are found in the heart and brain; inositol works with neurotransmitters in message circulation. Inositol has numerous health benefits as stated below.

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Promoting Sleep

One of the major reasons of not getting a sleep at night is over-thinking. The human brain is unable to rest and thoughts keep coming and going thereby keeping us awake. The thought process is guided by serotonin, a hormone. When serotonin levels are low, we are unable to sleep – maintaining optimal levels of serotonin promotes deep and sound sleep. Inositol works very well with serotonin and makes sure that the levels are high enough to make you feel peaceful during your sleeping hours.

Inositol not only works to promote healthy serotonin levels but it also communicates with the GABA receptors in the brain. GABA receptors proper functioning ensures that you keep your cool. In situations of higher stress, GABA receptors don’t work correctly thereby imparting insomnia. Inositol keeps a check on the proper functioning of GABA receptors and makes sure they are covered to give you anxiety- and stress-free calmness.

Anxiety Relief

It is believed that inositol is one of the best drugs for anxiety that doesn’t have many side effects. Inositol consumption lowers the anxiety symptoms – GABA receptors are the culprit along with serotonin. GABA receptors are responsible for keeping you cool and depleted levels of these make you anxious. Inositol works really well here as it almost mimics the functioning of depleted GABA receptors and works as a substitute. As a substitute, it replaces the non-functional GABA receptors and occupies the same role.

People suffering from anxiety usually have low levels of serotonin. Administration of inositol helps in regulating serotonin levels thereby imparting a calm mindset.

OCD Treatment

OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It’s a physiological disorder potentially caused due to lower levels of serotonin – so again, inositol comes into play here. Inositol is converted into two neurotransmitter chemicals into the brain that regulate serotonin levels.

A study conducted on multiple OCD patients has lamented the fact that supplementing with Inositol has gradually improved OCD and depression levels have also fallen.

Inositol is a natural drug for the treatment of OCD.

People suffering from OCD should never consume caffeine as caffeine increases the brain activity and decreases inositol levels.

Hair Care and Growth

Depleted levels of Inositol affect the hair and individuals suffering from hair fall or itchy scalp might be inositol deficient. Deficiency in inositol levels happens largely due to these two reasons:

  1. Diet doesn’t include inositol: Diet might be a main problem as most of us don’t supplement with B Vitamins as well as Inositol. Inositol is found in citrus fruits as well as other fruits and vegetables. If the diet doesn’t have those foods, it might lead to lower levels of Inositol hence hair issues.
  2. Caffeine intake: Too much of tea, coffee and alcohol intake reduces Inositol levels; thereby giving rise to hair as well as other health issues.


Inositol and folic acid combination for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in type 2 diabetes men.

This prospective, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study included 176 patients with type 2 diabetes. The daily 4 g dose of inositol plus 400 micrograms of folic acid or placebo was divided and given in three doses. The present study demonstrates that Inositol and folic acid combination deserves consideration as therapeutic agent for preventing and treating erectile dysfunction in diabetic men, probably by virtue of both their chronic metabolic, acute antioxidant properties, and nitric oxide protective beneficial effects.


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